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had not spent many months on the island bef

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too stiff


to walk much


, the pains that for


long years had made motion intolerable and life a misery were almost gone. "One morning as I lay in the hut watc

hing my companions as they sat round the fire cooking their mid-day meal, a canoe suddenly came in sight. I started and rubbed my eyes, thinking it a strange illusion, but there before me were the faces of two white men, the first I h

ere low, enclosing a roughly


ad seen since that ever-memorable night when my crew deserted me. My companions kept their places before the fire and betrayed not the slightest surprise or fea



鈥?the genius 鈥?/h6>

r while I poured out to my new-found friends the story of past years. Captain Franklin offered me a passage in his canoe, and as I took leave of the Indians, and explained that the white men would take me home, they said not a word, but went on smoking their short black pipes as though it were nothing to them." During the course of the

r of ear


鈥?the sister 鈥?/h6>

evening it was arranged that an important event should take place at no distant date, George and Chrissy to reside at the White House. At the same time Colonel By remarked that it would be an opportune time to lay the corner-stone of the locks. "We co

th. We s


鈥?the rival 鈥?/h6>

uld not do better," he said, "than have the ceremony quietly performed by one whose name is a household word on two continents, one who has braved untold peril and hardship in his country's service, not only in the Polar Seas, but at Trafalgar, Copenhagen and New Orleans,

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Island Krk, Croatia

one whose name stands for everything that is honorable, self-sacrif


w quarters. We
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